Monday, February 19, 2007


Super Bowl Pics

Since I intend to post on the Jefferson County Lincoln Day a bit later, this provided as good as an excuse as any to empty out the new digital camera. Here are some pictures of the Super Bowl Extravaganza that the VOLConWife, The Undecided Philosopher, and myself threw a few weeks back.

Here is the VOLConWife creating the perfect set-up for the party. A little known fact - before the VOLConWife became a high powered attorney, she was in event planning. If event planning paid more than it does, I dare say that she would rather do that than work in the law.

Here is a close-up of the goodies, including a massive shrimp tray from Food City, a tray of the finest meats and cheeses in all the land, two pizzas flown in from Giordano's in Chicago, The Undecided Philosopher's fabulous spinach dip, football cupcakes, and several other delicious morsels.

You know it's love when she cheers for your team, guys. I hear of Vols marrying Gators and Vols marrying Bammers and the wars that result, but it seems to me that their aren't all into the marriage if they still support some other team. :)

Here are Jon & Lezlee Dice. Hidden is the yet unborn child. We had an interesting discussion of what Jon & Lezlee should name their child. My favorites: Roland Dice if it's a boy, Miami Dice if it's a girl. Jon's with those choices, but I'm afraid that Lezlee is going to need some help coming around.

And here's little Brodie Bear. Notice that my youngest nephew is properly sporting his Bears clothing. He's quite the little football himself, too.

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