Saturday, February 10, 2007


So, who is the "idiot" now?

It was just days ago that Kevin Stallings referred to Coach Bruce Pearl as an "idiot a------."

"Genius Kevin" then, having set the table for a needed win against the Vols, proceeded to coach up his Commodores. It's a good thing that he did that, because otherwise they might have lost by 50.

I was one of the 21, 493 who witnessed that brutal beatdown that the Vols laid on the Commodores, a 27-point shellacking that could have been much worse if Bruce hadn't called of the dogs in the second half.

I even brought the VOLConWife - a Vandy alum - to witness the destruction. She wore her Vandy apparel, which made it all the more sweet as she slunk down as the lead crept up to 30 points. (In all fairness, she proudly wears the Orange to all other games except Vandy, although I have instructed her that the words to the song are "Rocky Top will ALWAYS be...", not "Rocky Top will SOMETIMES be...")

So, Kevin, if you're going to talk the talk, you had better make sure that you can walk the walk. Otherwise, you might come off looking like a, well, "idiot."

UPDATE: You can check out the highlights - including two sick dunks by Chism - at


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