Thursday, February 22, 2007


Report from last night's UT/Bama Game

1) No mention of it in most circles, but that was one LOUD crowd last night. Announced attendance was over 19,000, but it was more like 17,000 to be truthful. However, it may have been the loudest crowd at TBA - and I have attended nearly every game since the Jerry Green era.

2) Ryan Childress was our MVP last night. I said he was a waste of a scholarship last year. I stand corrected. As Dane's play has become a detriment to this team, Childress has taken Dane's hustle and combined it with his height and (dare I say it) superior shooting touch to become one vital player for UT.

3) Ugliest game I have seen - period. I commented several times that I thought I was watching women's basketball for a some parts of the game. Just awful. However, we won, and I don't care if it's the Debate Team, I love beating Alabama.

4) Congratulations to Pearl. For the first time this year, he seemed to use his timeouts to stop the bleeding. One could have been a bit earlier (when UT lost its double-digit lead), but a much better use of timeouts last night.

All in all, a great feeling come out of TBA last night to see the sad faces of the Alabama fans. Maybe they can cobble together another $30 million dollars and hire Pat Riley or Phil Jackson for their basketball team.


Ugly but a W. Shot selection was scary.
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