Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Religion Under Fire

Liberals on talk radio and television would have you believe that there is no war on religion here in the United States. In some circles, they may be right, but there is open hostility to organized religion - Christian or not - in most parts of this country. This happens even in what have been "red states" over the past decade, such as Florida.

Here are two headlines that crossed my path this morning:

Florida Men Arrested for Handing Out Bibles

Miami-Dade County Officials: Buy 2.5 acres, or Cancel Bible Study

Thank goodness for organizations like the Alliance Defense Fund, which is funding both of the cases above (in defense of the Gideons in the first case and for the plaintiff Worldwide Agape Ministries in the second case). If ADF wasn't doing its job, the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution wouldn't be recognizable in many parts of the country.

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If you think that is bad check out this article I read in wired magazine.
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