Friday, February 02, 2007


Quote(s) of the Day

Colbert: "Why do liberals hate God?"

Babbin: "Because they see themselves as God, mainly, and they really can't handle the competition."

Colbert: "OK, I've got an even better question. Why did God make liberals? Is it the same reason that he made cancer and tornadoes? Is it because there has to be evil in the world for there the rest of us to feel good?"


Colbert: "OK, what can we do to bomb just the right people? Could we invite all of the ones who hate America to a single rally or something like that?"

Babbin: "I think it's called the Democratic Convention..."


The whole interview with Human Events' Jed Babbin was entertaining. Take a look for yourself:

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Comedy Central must have told YouTube to take the video down, because it's no longer there. :(

You are correct. But thankfully there are many others who are willing to resubmit the (quite funny) video.

By the way have you seen the Orielly Colbert videos? They are great as well.

Here is a new link (for now):
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