Saturday, February 03, 2007


More on NFL's Discrimination against Churches

As reported here early Friday, the NFL is applying a double-standard regarding who can and who can't have gatherings for the Super Bowl, which is troublesome in itself because it is carried on network TV, for which the NFL is compensated at a ridiculous rate. The Family Research Counsel published a release late Friday that contained the following:


Assistant Counsel Rachel Margolies writes, "[The NFL] is consistent in refusing the use of our game broadcasts in connections with events that promote a message, no matter the content." This is an interesting contradiction, since the League allows businesses such as sports bars to broadcast the game to crowds in an environment that encourages alcohol consumption.

Obviously, the NFL is more comfortable promoting substance abuse and half-time nudity than it is endorsing positive role models like Dungy and Smith. Rather than provide a safe, healthy environment for families to gather and watch the Super Bowl, the NFL is suggesting that they abandon the church for the nearest bar. Attorneys at the NFL should concentrate less on intimidating churches and more on preventing another "wardrobe malfunction."



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