Thursday, February 08, 2007


Knoxville Ain't Bad (Even if the Government is a Joke)

In looking over UT's Class of 2007 that was assembled yesterday, one stat just jumps off of the page.

Coach Fulmer and his staff brought 47 prospects to Knoxville for official visits. Just 47. Of those 47, 32 of them signed letters of intent to attend The University of Tennessee.

That is an incredible percentage. I've never seen anything like it. I guess it just goes to show that if the UT coaching staff can convince a player to visit Knoxville, there's a decent chance that the young man is going to like what he sees.

Another stat of note - it is widely known that Tennessee doesn't produce enough high school talent to keep UT competitive in football (although this year was, as Fulmer put it, "the best year in the state of Tennessee that I've seen in 28 years of coaching and being around Tennessee football." That means that Fulmer has to go into other states and snatch their prize prospects, often in hotly contested battles with in-state favorites. The Class of 2007 boasts recruits from 13 different states. Compare that to Florida and LSU's classes, which are mostly comprised of recruits from within their respective home states.

Vol fans sometimes moan about certain deficiencies in playcalling or the like, but it's hard to find any faults with Coach Fulmer's recruiting success. He and his staff are quite simply the best there is - period.


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