Saturday, January 13, 2007


What time is it? It's gametime!

Since y'all missed da Bears last week...

Only seven more football games left this year!!! Enjoy these while they last.

Last week was nice with the Bears not playing, for the simple reason that I could enjoy the games without becoming a nervous wreck. In all honesty, I have been nervous about this week for days, not because of who we are playing (the Seabags) but because of who we are. We are Chicago, and that doesn't usually bode well when the chips are down.

That being said, I will be holed up tomorrow afternoon with The Undecided Philosopher (a fellow Bears fanatic) in an undisclosed sports location in the 1st District to watch the Bears-Seabags game on Sunday. The weather forecast has gotten worse all week, so hopefully we can show the pansies from the Northwest some real Bear weather.

Angela still can't believe the level of hysteria that exists in Chicago for the Bears. Honestly - saying this is a huge college football fan - there isn't anything at any college that compares. Take a look at some of these fan videos with original audio to get a sampling of what I mean:

Now to this weekend's picks:

Colts over the Crows - Everyone is focusing on Manning's match-up with the Ravens' corners, but no one seems to be talking about how Freeney abused Ogden last year when these teams tangled. Ogden is a year older, and Freeney is a year better. Unless Jamal Lewis remembers how to be Jamal Lewis (and that hasn't happened this year), I think the Colts have a legitimate shot at the upset.

Saints over the Eggles - The Eggles barely beat the G-women. I'm not sold on the Saints, but its the weakness of the opponent that is driving this pick, along with a noisy Superdome.

Patriots over the Bolts - I have picked against the Patriots for years in the second round of the playoffs. This year should be no different. They have a poor running game with slow-as-molasses Corey Dillon and a banged up Maroney carrying the load. Their receivers are retreads. The defense is old. They shouldn't win this game against LT, Gates, and Merriman. Which is why they will. Belichick is everything that Schottenheimer isn't, and when the chips are down, I'm not picking against a clutch coach and a clutch QB against a rookie QB and a coach with a history of playoff choke jobs.

Bears over the Seabags - Word is that everyone in Chicago is worried about the game to the point of nausea. But that's the thing with this Bears team - much like Phil Fulmer's UT teams, they play better when no one gives them a chance and victory looks to be an impossible goal. Alexander is still dinged for the Seabags, which will make it tougher for Seattle to expose the gaping hole that Tommy Harris' injury left. If the Bears can keep Seattle out of 3rd and shorts, I think we could be looking at a fairly convincing win with Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson shouldering the load on what looks to be a poor weather day in the Windy City.


You got them all correct. Good job.
Well done with the picks.
Nice work. You ought to send ESPN your resume...
Nice picks. I didn't believe the hype surrounding the Ravens either.
Michael -

Yeah, but I went .500 last week. I guess a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.


Brian -

I couldn't stand working with Stuart Scott. :)


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