Thursday, January 25, 2007


Webb's Rebuttal Was Good?

A.C., Sharon Cobb, and a host of others drooled over Jim Webb's Democratic rebuttal in posts authored yesterday. Perhaps they heard something that I did not. Whereas the President seemed conciliatory in tone, Senator Webb seemed combative and as what the American public has traditionally thought of Democrats when they fail to control all three branches of the U.S. government - whiners.

This is closer to what I heard from Webb:

Thus, to keep our promise for a new course in Iraq, we will continue to oppose whatever this president says. Whatever course he says, ours will continue to be anywhere between 120 and 240 degrees in the other direction. First, we will offer a non-binding resolution to oppose sending more troops. As my colleague Senator Levin has noted, “the worst thing” of all that could happen here would be the failure of this symbolic act, so let’s hope we can at least agree on something meaningless.

Second, we will continue to harp endlessly about whatever happens.

Read the whole interpreted Webb response at One Free Korea. (Hat tip: Instapundit)


If I had been in the same room with him, I would have jumped his bones.
Finally, a democrat who found his testosterone!
I'm as sick of whiny Democrats as you are. I have to say, Webb is not a whiner. Not even close. (I hear the Village People singing "Macho Man" in my head as I type) We{democrats) had forgotten what a stand up guy sounds like, and when he did it, we collectively fell in love with the man and
Sharon -





You asked. :)
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