Monday, January 29, 2007


Update on Knox County Commission

Well, the truth is that there is not much in the way of news to report since Friday.

I have received a few phone calls from well-wishers that were of the "I hope you know what you're doing" variety. I appreciate those, and I know that I've stepped out on a limb here by refusing to campaign for a job at this time where only 19 Knox County voters comprise the electorate.

In reading the "Letters to the Editor" in the News Sentinel Sunday, it seems that public sentiment towards this process is as I expected - full of contempt, anger, passion. It almost makes one wonder if the new commissioners should once again vote on whether a special election should take be authorized to take place by the General Assembly.

Other than that, I have heard nothing. I have yet to hear who was selected as the finalists presented to Commissioners Pinkston and Clark, or if those Commissioners have come to a decision regarding their choice for the 9th District seat after receiving the list of finalists. As soon as I hear something, I will post it here.

Having looked at the list of those who have thrown their name in the hat for the 9th District seat, it doesn't appear that I would have a hard time endorsing many of the other candidates if Commissioners Pinkston and Clark choose them. Josh Lowe, Matt Myers, Robert Norton, Chuck Ward - they all seem like qualified candidates from reading their letters and bios on the KNS website.

As for the candidate forum tonight at Whittle Springs Middle School, it is my current plan to attend, providing that court does not run seriously over the normal close of business or that I hear negatively from Commissioners Pinkston and Clark.

I know this doesn't seem like an in-depth update, but the truth is that not much has happened on the Knox County Commission front over the weekend.

(That was actually not too bad of a thing, though, as it allowed me time to plan out and make reservations for the Super Bowl party that is being hosted by The Undecided Philosopher, the VOLConWife, and myself. Hey, the way I look at it - I might be too old to celebrate the next time that the Bears make the Super Bowl at their present clip of once every 21 years.)


I think you would make an ideal candidate for the position. Unfortunately, unless you know someone who can pull some strings for you I am afraid the ideal candidates will likely not be the ones appointed to these positions.
With tongue in cheek, I often answer the question "Why Didn't You Run for Re-election to the Hawkins County Commission?" by saying: "I serverd my sentence day-for-day; I got no good-time credits or early release"! You'll know what I'm saying four years from now. Good luck buddy!
Seiklaz and Mike -

Thanks for the well-wishes! I'm not sure if anyone outside of the entrenched power structure will be appointed, to tell the truth. Some of what I heard at Monday night's Candidate Forum all but confirmed that to me.

Just consider me the guinia pig in this experiment. We'll know soon enough if change really is afoot in Knox County government.


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