Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Tuesday Morning Knox County Commission Update

I spoke with Commissioner Larry Clark at approximately 1:00 P.M. Monday. As of that time, he had not been forwarded the names of the finalists for the 9th District seat from the Selection Committee. He was hoping to get those names by later on Monday so that a decision could be reached by himself and Commissioner Paul Pinkston early Tuesday as to whom they would endorse.

That being the case, I did attend the Candidate Forum hosted by Commissioner Mark Harmon on Monday night. Most of the activity there focused on the appointments for the 2nd and 1st Districts, but everyone was given a chance to speak their mind. I would say by the time that we rolled around to the 9th District candidates, there might have been less than 45 people present, most of whom were candidates themselves. I did get to finally meet Matt Myers and Josh Lowe, two of the other candidates for the 9th District seat. Both seem like fantastic gentlemen that could proudly represent South Knox County if selected.

Some people have asked me about Randy Hinton. I really don't know much about the gentleman except what I have read on other blogs regarding his connections to Sheriff Tim Hutchison. Incidentally, I am not positive that he has put his name in the mix, to tell the truth. The News Sentinel's site is the only one that lists Hinton as a candidate, and even with that does not link to his letter of intent. With the Knox County Commission site and other sites not listing Hinton as a declared candidate, I really don't know if he has any interest or not. He was not present at the Candidate Forum, so I couldn't ask him then.

One item of note for Tuesday - Attorney Herb Moncier has asked a federal district court to step in prior to the Wednesday appointments. Moncier's arguments were heard before Judge Varlan on Monday morning, and it is possible that Judge Varlan could issue an injunction to stop the whole appointment process prior to Wednesday morning's meetings. I would expect some kind of ruling by Judge Varlan today.

Moncier is asking for special elections to fill the seats. I'm not sure if he has the best of arguments as to the means, even if I do wish that the democratic ends were obtainable.


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