Thursday, January 04, 2007


Sugar Rush

The Fighting Irish will end the postseason losing streak that dates back
to 1994 because next season they'll be playing in some second-tier bowl game
in a non-descript place like Shreveport, La., which is where they should
have been playing during much of the last two decades.

ESPN's Mark Schlabach

Read the rest of Schlabach's article, because it tells the truth about the state of Notre Dame football. They have some sort of Pope card that allows them special status in the polls, BCS, and bowl selections that is completely unwarranted, and that is why they continually get their butts handed to them every bowl season. Do you realize that I was graduating high school the last time that Notre Dame was celebrating a bowl victory?

That's a good thing for Phil Fulmer. He can always point to South Bend for an example of postseason futility to mask his own.


I generally agree with what you are saying but...Pope card? Don't you think that is a bit much?
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