Monday, January 15, 2007


Something to think about for the NFC Championship Game

Before you bet the farm on the NFC Championship Game, I thought I would hit you with some knowledge:

Dome teams are 1-9 on the road all-time in NFC/AFC Championship Games.

The only win?

Atlanta over Minnesota in 1999 - which was one dome team beating another dome team. So no dome has ever gone on the road to win a Championship Game against a non-dome team.

In addition, the 'Aints have 6 total playoff games in franchise history. Two of those games have been played outdoors, four indoors.

The 'Aints lost the two outdoor games by a combined score of 52-26.

Finally, there is another weather system headed towards Chicago that will dump some snow on the Windy City. There's some debate as to whether it arrives on Sunday for the game or perhaps Monday.

You know when I hope it hits...


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