Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Return to Dixie

We managed to make it back from Chicago in the early hours of Tuesday morning, and I hope to post more about the trip (along with photos) this evening.

For now, though, I have to assist in getting the firm cranked back up for 2007. As has been the norm for the past few months, blogging has to take a back seat to "real life."



What? No editorialization on the Tennessee-Penn State game? No pithy commentary on how vastly superior the SEC still is to the Big 10 even after the Vols and Razorbacks both got stymied by Penn State and Wisconsin? Or are you holding out hope for a Gator victory next week to justify the SEC's continuation as a BCS conference?

I feel jipped...
Patrick -

Wait - you're crowing about a 2-4 bowl record for the Big 10? That's funny.

Will you crow after Florida takes the crown next week over your beloved Buckeyes?


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