Thursday, January 11, 2007


Pro-Life Candidates Voting as Pro-Life Congressmen?

The House passed a bill that would provide government funding for stem cell research today. The vote was 253-174 with 8 Members not voting. Only 16 Democrats voted against the bill.

I'm proud of Heath Shuler, because he was one of those 16. That might be the best performance by a UT Vol thus far in 2007.

Also voting against the bill were Tennesseans Lincoln Davis, David Davis, Jimmy Duncan, Marsha Blackburn, and Zach Wamp, while the rest of the lot (Gordon, Tanner, Cooper, and Cohen) went with the pro-abortion Democratic herd.

One good thing - the 253 aye votes aren't enough to override President Bush's promised veto. In fact, this bill only gained a mere 15 votes from where it was passed last year.

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