Friday, January 12, 2007


Poison Pill to begin the Senate?

We might need to be taking note of what is going on in the U.S. Senate to start this year. The Upper Chamber is considering Senate Bill 1, which has a Title of "A bill to provide greater transparency in the legislative process."

Yeah, I'm not sure exactly what that means either, but I have a bad vibe here. Several of the conservative membership organizations like American Family Association are extremely nervous that the bill's language may make it impossible for anyone but the federal government to comment on federal legislation. If that's the true effect here, then obviously we have cause to worry.

In checking on things today, it appears that the bill is being loaded down with bizarre amendment after bizarre amendment, and the names "Kerry" and "Reid" keep on popping up on the amendments.

Are we about to lose yet more First Amendment rights while we sleep? It certainly wouldn't be the first time...


Assault on the First Amendment? Round up the usual suspects. Where's McCain? Anyone seen Feingold?

Seriously, this is a scary encroachment on our Constitutional rights!
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