Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Notre Dame Should Have to Join a Conference

I meant to post this earlier after LSU exposed the Cryin' Irish in N'Orleans.


I guess you forot to mention the Vols in your pic of Weiss. Tennessee was suppose to have one of the nations best Ds the year ND spank you. Also, take a look at Air Force and how they did tis year. Again, listed on your funny pic. I seem to recall Purdue making the Rose Bowl, patsy? Drew B. out of Purdue, How's he doing today? Playoffs maybe? Look in the mirror at some of the cupcakes the Vols play. If I were you I would throw stones. BTW I went to the Tennessee vs. ND down in Knoxville, I thought the fans I spoke with were among sme of the most respectful and passionate among all of college football, don't get me wrong, I know you're passinate about your team, you have a great team year after year, why lower yourself? As far as ND joining a conference, naw, we enjoy the money that we earned, afterall why should we give one cent to let's say a Northwestern if they can't win a game?
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