Sunday, January 21, 2007


My New Career?

Here are the records of ESPN's "experts" for the past two weeks of the NFL playoffs:

Joe Theismann: 2-4
Sean Salisbury: 3-3
Merrill Hoge: 4-2
Ron Jaworski: 2-4
Mark Schlereth: 3-3
Eric Allen: 1-5
Chris Mortenson: 2-4
Mark Golic: 3-3

Why do I bring this up? Well, because someone else was picking games over the past two weeks:

Rob Huddleston: 6-0

Trust me, I'm bringing this up when I submit my resume to ESPN this week...


Now you have to add a point spread!
BTW, I just posted the ORIGINAL Super Bowl shuffle, a must see for any fan, but particularly a Bears fan.
What were 8 or 9 when they last played in the Super Bowl?
Vegas is picking the Colts by 7. I am picking the Bears by 6 1/2.
What say you?
Sharon -

Yes, I'm sure that I will post the original version to the Shuffle sometime in the next two weeks. It is one horrid video, for sure.

For the record, I was 9 years old when the Bears last played in the Super Bowl. As my friend Ben and I lamented last night while beginning to plan the Mother of all Super Bowl Parties, we may have grandkids by the next time our Bears reach the Super Bowl. All the more reason to have a kick-butt party this time around!

As for a line, I'll have to mull it over and break down some film before giving any kind of line. I will give one, though, just in due time.


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