Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Losing a Partner

Any managing partner of a law firm will tell you that it's tough to lose a hard-working partner from his or her firm.

It's especially difficult when that partner is your spouse.

Yes, this is the trouble when you have an exceptional attorney in your small firm. All of the other firms and organizations want to hire her away from you.

That's just what happened here. Angela was headhunted by the Department of Children's Services and will begin doing the good work of DCS Legal in protecting Tennessee's children starting February 1st.

So, if you want to know the real reason that I've been a bit scarce lately (and not the fake one), I have been scrambling to help Angela transition out of The Huddleston Law Firm while keeping my own personal caseload moving forward.

That would be tough in itself, but other pro bono services and my recent acceptance as coach of the Austin East High School Mock Trial Team are keeping me rather busy.

For the record, I don't fault Angela at all. Isn't that the dream of most lawyers - to put in the blood, sweat, and tears of private practice and then manage to parlay that into a cushy government position? Heck, I'm proud of her.

I've had my share of offers and feelers to leave for other, larger pastures, but while my workload now is scary (particularly to Angela), I do love one thing that is a bit tough to give up - freedom. Unfortunately, that freedom seems to be more of an illusion than anything. My court schedule is chocked full, to the point that veteran attorneys are aghast at how much time I am in the courtroom.

(One very well respected Blount County attorney today commented that I had become a "court warrior." The last time someone called me that was back in college and related to my tennis career.)

In any case, this post has nothing to do with politics (which, it seems from comments and e-mails, is what most of you want me to write about) or football, so it is probably boring the bejeezus out of most of you. I thought it needed, though, just to let y'all know what was going on "behind the scenes" here at VOLuntarilyConservative.

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Congradulations to the best Republican Committeewoman in the whole State of Tennessee. I can't think of a better human being to be working at DCS protecting Tennessee's kids.

I am proud of Angela and every Tennessean should be, too.
Congrats to a GREAT lawyer and I commend her for finding a way out of working with the other partner at the Huddleston firm. LOL.

I'm very proud of you both. It's a shared achievement ~ we are only as good as our partners allow us to be.

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