Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Looking Back to Go Forward

John Beckwith: Have you ever looked at your life and felt that it's gone a direction that you hadn't planned?

Claire Cleary: Yes. Yes, I have.

- From Wedding Crashers


I am empathetic to Russ Greene, the defense attorney in this case. One has only to handle a few of these demanding cases of alleged child abuse or aggravated child abuse to start to question his own occupation.

(As an aside, there is an interesting evidentiary note in this case, as the KNS story reports. Apparently, the accused's blog is about to be introduced into evidence.)

On an equally sad note, I was in Knoxville's City-County Building yesterday researching a case for a colleague when word started to filter out that a body had been found in North Knoxville. I found a few good sources who told me that it was indeed the body of Channon Christian, 21-years old and the boyfriend of 23-year old Christopher Newsom, who was found deceased the previous day.

I pray that the Knoxville Police Department is successful in their pursuit of Christian and Newsom's killer. I pray that he is brought to justice. I pray that this episode is brought to an end.


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