Thursday, January 11, 2007


A Little More on the Lt. Governor Vote

From Sharon Cobb:

"And to my Republican friends, you don't really think Williams is with you, do you? He told Wilder he would be voting for him. I hope you don't buy that "change of heart" bull he said he had during the night."

I'll answer. No, I don't for one second believe that Mike Williams is with us. That not only comes from his commitment to Wilder, but it mostly stems from what he told (and didn't tell) Republicans around the state that were lobbying him for the past few months. I won't reveal more here, but he's certainly not "with us."

As for a "change of heart," my only response to that is what I heard a defendant say to a respected judge after the judge did not buy the wildly imaginative excuse the defendant provided earlier this week:



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