Friday, January 12, 2007


Knox County Government Thrown Into Turmoil

No more posting for a while as I try to sift through the rubble of the A-bomb that the Tennessee Supreme Court dropped on Knox County today.

My immediate reactions:

1) I didn't see this one coming, and, as per norm, I disagree with our learned liberal Supreme Court.

2) I REALLY didn't see this one coming regarding the so-called "constitutional offices." While I don't bemoan Hutchison's exit, for example, I thought his legal argument - that his office was protected from term limits due to its roots in the Tennessee Constitution - to be novel and eventually dominant. Apparently not.

3) Chaos reigns in Knox County now, but this, too, will pass. A plan will be formulated that will lead to the selection of new officeholders, and everything will be back to normal in no time. The time between now and that resolution, however, will be full of fireworks and backroom deals.

4) It's a shame that South Knox will lose Larry Clark to term limits. Larry is an outstanding representative of our part of the county, and whomever is selected to finish out his term certainly has big shoes to fill.


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