Monday, January 08, 2007


Interesting Remarks from David Fowler

Here are some tidbits included in an e-mail I received from former Tennessee Senator David Fowler, the current head of the Family Action Council of Tennessee:


Would Republican Leader, Rep. Jason Mumpower, be willing to lead a coalition effort?

Interestingly, the current Republican Leader, Jason Mumpower (R-Bristol, who has now said publicly that he will "work with Naifeh") was historically one of the Republican House members most critical of the Republican "alliance" in the Senate. But his recent election as Republican Leader, defeating last year's Republican Leader, Representative Bill Dunn (R-Knoxville), has left some wondering what kind of leadership Rep. Mumpower will provide.

Is the Republican Caucus "conservative, and bent on becoming the majority" or will it "moderate" and take what it can get as a minority party?

When Rep. Tre Hargett stepped down as Republican Leader in 2005, conservatives pushed for Rep. Dunn over Rep. Mumpower, both of whom eventually withdrew (Rep. Casada is now the Caucus leader). Rep Dunn was pushed for leader because conservatives believed he would stand his ground with Speaker Naifeh, which he did, even according to his critics. But Rep. Dunn's defeat as Leader has left some wondering aloud what kind of leadership the Republican caucus wanted and what kind of leadership he will provide. There was credible talk that Speaker Naifeh preferred Representative Mumpower for Leader over Representative Dunn. But, the Caucus did elect as Caucus Leader Glen Casada who is known to be one of the more aggressive Republicans anxious for a Republican majority. This seeming difference in personalities and methodologies has left some perplexed as to where the caucus stands philosophically. I guess time will tell.


Indeed, time will tell...


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