Thursday, January 11, 2007


Images of Chicago

From top to bottom:
A delicious pizza at Giordano's (my half - shrimp and pineapple; Angela's half - yucky vegetables); An action shot of Angela on Michigan Avenue; the Christmas tree at the foot of the John Hancock Building; Me worshipping at the alter of the tuxedo-wearing former coach of the Chicago Bears, Mike Ditka, at Ditka's own restaurant; the 2006 NFC North Division Champion Chicago Bears taking the field at Soldier Field on New Year's Eve.
Sorry gang, but no pictures of the New Year's celebration after the game. One never knows when pictures of such things will surface during campaigns or at Senate confirmation hearings, so cameras were strictly forbidden. :)
MORE: Check out John Norris Brown's wonderful shots of New York to get some more flavor of winter in the North.


Did you hit the Billy Goat for the best cheeseburgers on earth?
Leftwing -

Not this time. That was the hardest part of this visit to Chicago - squeezing in all of the wonderful food into three short days.

We did hit Giordano's (twice), Heaven on Seven, Ditka's, and Mother's. I'll have to catch the Billy Goat, Chicago Rib House, and the Cubby Bear next time.


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