Monday, January 22, 2007


Hagel to Run as an Independent in 2008?

I read a story on futile Democratic candidate Bill Richardson (the current Governor of New Mexico) and his announcement that he is throwing his hat in the ring for the vice presidency - ur, I mean the presidency - in 2008. Richardson joins John Edwards, Joe Biden, Christopher Dodd, and Tom Vilsack on the list of also-rans.

(I'm not belittling these candidates themselves, mind you, just their chances of success. Actually, the better presidencies would come out of this list and not the top two of Clinton or Obama. The problem is that the Democrats aren't smart enough to nominate anyone outside of the two worst choices. But how is that new news?)

The blurb at the end of the story in the Washington Post was what caught my eye. It stated that Senator Chuck Hagel (R - Neb.) would not rule out an independent bid for the White House.

Hagel could cut an interesting alternative to the two party nominees, especially if the Democrats nominate Clinton. Hagel could lump Clinton's support for the War in Iraq in with the rest of the Republicans that stood by Bush.

I'm not saying that it's going to happen, but it could be an interesting twist on the way to Election Day in 2008.


If Hagel ran as an "Independent" it would be the first time he did something for the Republican party. I know of no Republican with a positive view of Hagel. He'd draw more votes from the Dem side than the Republican side.

Oddest trend I'm seeing is candidates from both sides seem to think they are running against Bush.
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