Thursday, January 04, 2007


Gold Rush

Bama fans should enjoy Pat Forde's latest column, "Saban only lied when his lips were moving."

Congratulations, Bama! Since your boosters have been buying and selling players ever since Bear's death, you should have no problems with Nicky Saban, a man - ur, person - who preached commitment and loyalty to his players and then left them high and dry at every opportunity. Which players am I talking about? Well, all of them, from Cleveland to Lansing to Baton Rouge to Miami.

Mike Shula was too much of a good human being for your team and your university. Nicky Saban (as some of the guys on ESPN Radio were saying yesterday, he deserves to be called "Nicky" because "Nick" is a man's name) fits perfectly.

Enjoy the wins while you can, Bama fans, because Nicky is always just a Gulfstream ride away from his next job.


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