Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Buckeyes a'cryin'

Wow. All of the pundits were talking about one of the teams not belonging in the National Title Game, and they were right. Ohio State had no business being there. LSU or USC would have at least been able to make a game of it.
The score was certainly more lopsided than I had predicted (I had Florida winning, 27-20), but I did have the Gators victorious.
The question is: will Buckeye fans show up to take their lumps?
From an earlier comment:
Patrick Poole said...
What? No editorialization on the Tennessee-Penn State game? No pithy commentary on how vastly superior the SEC still is to the Big 10 even after the Vols and Razorbacks both got stymied by Penn State and Wisconsin? Or are you holding out hope for a Gator victory next week to justify the SEC's continuation as a BCS conference? I feel jipped...

Rob Huddleston said...
Patrick -Wait - you're crowing about a 2-4 bowl record for the Big 10? That's funny.
Will you crow after Florida takes the crown next week over your beloved Buckeyes?


Uh, Rob? Maybe you could have bothered to check my blog before making your post? You would have discovered that I took my lumps almost a full 12 hours before your post:


Then again, why should I have expected that you would respond with anything less than that characteristic sense of class that Tennessee fans are known for? ;-)

As bad as Ohio State played (or didn't play at all) last night, let's not forget that the Big 10 went 2-1 against the SEC in the bowls, and went 1-1 against the SEC in BCS games - hardly the SEC dominance claimed by its supporters. My Buckeyes finished the season 12-1 with a final ranking of #2 in the country, while your #17 ranked Tennessee Vols got stuffed by an unranked Penn State team coached by an octogenarian who couldn't even stand on the sidelines. Not really much for you to crow about. And rest assured, there is no crying in Columbus today.

And just for my own recollection, how many national championship games has Tennessee played in this millenium?

And as for my Buckeyes, it was clear they lost because the grass was 1/2", not 3/4".
Patrick -

I did see your post about midday, but it was after I had already posted.

Regarding OSU, you may have finished #2 in the polls, but there's no way that the Buckeyes are the second best team in the nation. I highly doubt that any Big 10 team deserves to be in the Top 10. OSU clearly doesn't belong on the same field as Florida, USC, LSU, Auburn, Boise State, Oklahoma, and perhaps Louisville.

As for the Vols, I didn't mention them because they closed with their traditional loss in the bowl game. We're working on that.

OSU isn't working on anything, but they should. Their genius coaching staff put no pressure on a QB who wilts like a daisy in the Florida heat when pressured. Every armchair QB in the nation knows that. Yet Jim Tressel apparently spent more time picking out his sweater vest than coming up with a defensive scheme that would put pressure on Leak.

I guess the question is: would OSU have been better than UT's 5-3 mark if it played in the SEC? I doubt it - the Vols only lost by one to Florida. We really should have won that game; OSU should have had 60 hung on them if Meyer hadn't called off the dogs.



I'm curious exactly how you can express your "doubt that any Big 10 team deserves to be in the top 10" when the SEC champ runner-up (Arkansas - who you conveniently left off your list of football "greats") was beat by the #3 Big 10 team (Wisconsin)? What objective measures are you using, other than the usual SEC leap-of-blind-faith? Or would you agree that by your own standard no SEC team other than Florida should be ranked in the top 10, since the Big 10 otherwise dominated the SEC (including your own Vols) this year? The only other major bowl win by the SEC (LSU) was against a cupcake Notre Dame team that has lost 4 straight games to top 10 ranked teams (including Ohio State) and hasn't won a bowl game since the Lou Holtz era. Let's not forget that we were 3/1000ths of a point away from having an all-Big 10 national championship game this year. Please, do tell me more about the SEC's football "greatness" this season.
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