Saturday, January 06, 2007


Bittersweet Football Weekend

It's tough for all football fans this weekend, as the realization that we only have 11 more NFL games left this year before we slip into the coma caused by the thuggery known as the NBA and the pharmacological marvel known as Major League Baseball begins.

It's especially tough for fans of good football teams, because all we have are these weak teams playing this weekend - teams that couldn't qualify for the bye week.

So, for those people who demand excellence out of their football teams, I once again bring you yet another Bears video, since Da Bears will not be on television this week. Instead, they are at home - as they were last year on Wild Card weekend.

As for predictions this weekend:

Chefs over the Colts' pathetic run defense
Cowpokes over an injured Seabags team
Eggles over the G-women
Patriots over the J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets!

UT fans may also want to keep an eye on the U.S. Army High School All-Star game. UT commit and the #1 CB in the nation Eric Berry will be playing, as will Gerald Jones (#3 Athlete in the country). UT targets Chris Donald (#1 LB in the nation) and Ben Martin (#3 DE in the nation) will be announcing their college choices, and the latest I have heard is that both will pick The University of Tennessee as their home for the next 4 years.


As of 8:00PM on Saturday night, you're 0-1, Ron "The Greek". ;-)

I have your Bears and Pats in SB XLI. If this happens, New England should be mandated to wear their throwbacks, Lovey has to wear Ditka's "BEARS" sweater and Urlacher has to rush for a TD from the 1 yard line!
Vance -

Well, now after the second Saturday game, I'm a perfect 0-for-2.

The Eagles and Patriots should be scared, because I may have cursed their chances when I picked 'em to win...


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