Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Will tax relief be extended by the lame-duck Congress?

One story I have been keeping tabs on is whether or not the lame-duck Congress will be able to pass the popular tax relief package before recessing at the end of the week. It appears more likely on Wednesday than it did on Sunday, according to

While I am watching this for ideological reasons, I also have a vested interest here, as well. On top of the sales tax deduction in which all Tennesseans have a stake, I am also quite interested in the extension of the small business deductions that have yet to be extended this year.

It is always possible that the next Congress could take up this issue if the current version fails at extending the tax cuts, but it would be terribly complicated, as some Americans will have already filed prior to the extension being granted.

It's easier to get the job done now, and I urge everyone to contact their representatives in the House and Senate to make sure that these tax cuts are extended for the next couple of years.


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