Saturday, December 02, 2006


TN GOP State Executive Committee Meeting on tap for today

I have the privilege of chaffering the VOLConWife to her first State Executive Committee meeting in Nashville later on today. Lamar Alexander, Bob Corker, and many other GOP heavy-hitters will be in attendance.

Elections will also be held for officers, although it appears that Bob Davis and Robin Smith will easily win re-election to the Chairman and Vice Chairwoman positions, respectfully.

I'll be sure to keep my speed down as I head towards the state capital. With Deputy Governor Dave Cooley leaving the public sector, the chances of getting a ticket fixed just decreased dramatically.


That is funny.

I will warn you, my friend, as the Governor did in Cooley's reprimand.

(Rob),Slow down, your wife needs you (your future children need you) and your KnoxGOP Chairman needs you.
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