Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Should we care about Mary's baby?

Some Christian conservatives are opining about Mary Cheney's baby. I think they should show restraint in doing so.

This all comes down to the central rule of political conflict - knowing when to expand conflict and knowing when to let it die its natural death.

Mary Cheney's baby could be the equivalent of Terri Schiavo, so why not let this one go right now?

MORE: Roger Abramson (no friend of mine, of course) invoked the name of Carol Gilligan against Dr. Dobson, who is one of those Christian conservatives that feels obliged to opine on Mary Cheney. Abramson's right on this one - I don't see how Gilligan can be cited by a conservative in good conscience.

Did I just write that Abramson was right about something? Egads. It must be the Christmas spirit...

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