Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Saturday's GOP State Executive Committee Meeting

As I posted earlier, I accompanied the VOLConWife to Nashville Saturday for her first meeting as part of the Republican State Executive Committee. Thanks to Mike Faulk, the Mountain 'publican, I have a few shreds of photographic evidence of the meeting to share.

Angela Huddleston with fellow new SEC Member John Dance Posted by Picasa

As expected, the SEC elected Bob Davis to another term as Chairman of the TN GOP. Of course, he, along with Vice Chairman Robin Smith, certainly deserve their unanimous re-election bids for the positive results in Tennessee while the rest of the country was undergoing a purging of Republican officeholders.

Myself with GOP Executive Director Chris Devaney Posted by Picasa

I had a great time talking to many of my friends from around the state. Devaney, myself, Brad Smith (whom many of you know through his travels with Senator-elect Bob Corker but I know as Tennessee's most recent Rhodes Scholar), and several of the GOP staff were in the back of the room during the meeting. Van Hilleary referred to us as the "peanut gallery," which was only the second funniest thing he said that day.

(I probably shouldn't tell this story...) When referring to current RNC General Counsel Mike Duncan, Van said that Duncan was a native of Scott County and a member of the "Duncan clan." He then repeated most of what he said - but he left out the word "Duncan." Give that a think for a second. The room began to murmur, and Van was perplexed as to what people were talking about. It provided a good chuckle on the way back to Knoxville.

Others who I had the honor of speaking with Saturday were Bob Corker, Lamar Alexander, Mike Faulk (of course), Steve Buttry (although all we talked about was the one area of politics I refuse to delve into - the school board - where Steve's wife, Cindy, currently serves), David Leaverton, John Ryder, and many others.

Overall, a good time with my fellow Republicans.


Great post.

Ah, Come on. School Board reporting could be fun. I jest.

I completely understand your position.
I give credit to all people on school board. That is a tough job. When some kid gets a D in school a board member is considered at fault by a parent.
Hey, VOLCon,

You left out the funniest thing said at the SEC meeting Saturday which was State Executor Committeeman Lance Frizzell's comment: "I think it's criminal that Ron Ramsey will not be Lt. Governor."
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