Friday, December 01, 2006


Mainstream Conservatism?

Volunteer Voters ended the day with a post regarding Frist's departure from the presidential race (preceeded by Allen's forced departure) leaving a titanic void in the Republican field. As Powerline put it, there is no candidate to carry the banner for "mainstream conservatism."

A.C. then questioned whether such a thing existed. While it is important to read the whole thing, I wanted to re-post my reply here:



"...they are defending a big government, war mongering conservatism..."

Uh, who is? If 2006 taught us anything, it's that conservatives are not going to be the slave class of the Bush White House anymore. Big government and war mongering has nothing whatsoever to do with conservatism. Those campaign chameleons who ran as conservatives and then let D.C. change them into anything but conservatives represented themselves, not conservative values.

I understand your point about "mainstream conservatives" because political junkies have created these new breeds of conservatives (neocons, paleocons, Deceptacons - no wait, that last one is a Transformer). Those of us who never bought into all that still see mainstream conservatives.

Interesting thought - why no subdivision of the liberals? What would a paleoliberal be, anyway?




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