Monday, December 18, 2006


Knox County Republicans - Just One Big Mess

I have received some recent inquiries as to if I will be throwing my hat in the ring for the job of Knox County GOP Chairman now that Brian Hornback will be relinquishing the position.

While I'm flattered, I don't think that would be too good of an idea at the current time.

You see, as a County Chairman, you have to defend the actions of the Republican officeholders. In Knox County, that seems like a difficult task.

I previously joined others who have called for an independent investigation into Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale's involvement in apparent criminal activity involving Tyler Harber.

Now, I also see the need for another TBI investigation, this one involving the South Grove center in South Knox County. As outlined by this Knoxville News-Sentinel editorial from Sunday, the circumstances certainly seem to call for one. Not only is the office of Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam involved in this one, but the taint of impropriety extends into Knox County government, as well, including the alleged actions of Republican County Commissioner Ivan Harmon.

Whether it is the reality or not, I don't remember an election cycle where I have been so disappointed with my party's officeholders immediately after the election - on both the local, state, and federal levels. (Obviously, this is painting with broad brushstrokes - there are a few Republicans out there who are still fighting the good fight.)

MORE: Michael Silence has a good round-up of posts from East Tennessee bloggers. One of his commenters poses the question:

"Is it time to hold Mayors Ragsdale and Haslam accountable for their actions?"

My answer to that is the following: "as with any elected official, when it is not time to hold them accountable?"


I completely understand your position. I have enjoyed working with all Republicans but have not enjoyed the muzzle.

You would be a good Chairman
I would like to read and hear you without a muzzle.
Oatney, It is coming

Hornback2007v.1 to be released in mid March 2007.

Date is pending as soon as the date is official it will be announced in all the typical Hornback media outlets. Brian's Blog, KnoxBlog, KnoxGOP website etc.
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