Thursday, December 07, 2006


Good Bye, Tiger High...

Oh, what a fun time to be a Vol last night at TBA!

My question - Jeff Ward made Senator Jamie Woodson wear some disgusting Memphis sweatshirt last year when Memphis lucked into a win against the Big Orange, so what, pray tell, will Jeffy be wearing this year?

Any suggestions?

Photo: Associated Press.


One ought not gloat. Well, in this case, a little gloating is okay. This should do wonders for all those who think the shine of off UT's Pearl.

Go Big Orange!
Brother Rob,

You sure stopped posting about college football awfully quick? The season isn't over yet. Where's the team spirit? The Vols are getting ready to play Wyoming Polytec in the Bob's Motorama Bowl! And I wonder how tall the grass will be? Though I have to say that playing for a national championship is slightly better, especially with a team led by a Heisman Trophy winner (Ohio State's 7th, for those who are counting).



hey Patrick, congrats on OSU being 2nd this year *evil grin*

The Memphis win was big for UT, especially after the letdown in the NIT ><
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