Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Dunn, Sargent Ousted

Extremely disappointing for Bill Dunn.

Again, I ask - why should I care if Republicans are in control of the General Assembly if they shaft conservatives when they get there?

MORE: Adam Groves points to another reason besides ideology that conservative Republicans should be upset about Mumpower's McCain-like coup d'etat - money.

Terry Frank reports that Donna Rowland (an honorable conservative) was defeated for the #3 post in the House GOP by Harry Brooks. As Terry says: "Conservative sandwiched between two moderates."

A.C. examines Ken Whitehouse's analysis that this will be a more combative leadership team. A.C. is right - while Casada might take the fight to the Democrats, anyone that thinks a pure politician like Mumpower will be more of a warrior than Bill Dunn is dealing in fiction.

David Oatney, Roger Abramson, and Bill Hobbs also show their displeasure. (Yes, that's two links to Abramson today - like I wrote earlier today, I blame Christmas spirit...)

EVEN MORE: Michael Silence asks:

"Does this mean the General Assembly will now cut spending, eliminate waste and lower taxes? That'll happen about the time my Cubbies win the World Series."

That spurs the question: which will happen first - John Wilder not being Tennessee's Lt. Governor, or the Cubbies winning the World Series?

Don't think too hard on that one. It's liable to make your head hurt.

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