Saturday, December 02, 2006


A Belated Thank You to a Pro-Life Activist

Things have been so hectic this week that I forgot to mention the wonderful lunch the VOLConWife and I had with Fletcher Armstrong this past Tuesday. Fletcher is the Southeastern Director of the Center for Bioethical Reform, a national pro-life organization.

While most of our talk centered around politics, I was eager to learn more about CBR. The group seems a bit different from National Right to Life in its approach to the abortion issue. CBR seems more directed at showing the public what an abortion entails. I think this could be an effective approach, as most people have never witnessed an abortion. (Funny, but I dare say that millions more people have witnessed a "boob job" over the past few years on one of the cable television networks like E! than have ever seen video of the procedure that spurs one of the great social debates of American history.)

CBR's website can be accessed here, but I do warn you that you should be prepared for many graphic images.

UPDATE: I neglected to comment on this Reuters story earlier this week, but the survey by the Guttmacher Institute referenced in the piece yielded some interesting results:

"Nearly half U.S. abortions are repeats for women"


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