Friday, December 01, 2006


Around the Horn

A.C. at Volunteer Voters criticizes Senator-elect Bob Corker for due diligence in obtaining facts about Iraq and waiting for the bipartisan Baker-Hamilton Commission to deliver its report next Wednesday. Is A.C. kidding? I hope so. I am of the opinion that is refreshing how Bob is actually looking at the facts instead of being reactionary or receiving his marching orders from GOP leadership. If A.C. isn't kidding, he's way off base here. Terry Frank, too.

With 0% of the votes being cast, Sean Braisted is ready to declare a winner for the 2008 Presidential race. But not so fast, my friend - A.C. focuses on the issue of Obama's middle name. It's interesting to read this, because a prominent Democratic attorney spoke to me yesterday in court about that very thing. Obviously, the Democrats are a bit worried, and I suspect that if Obama does choose to run, you'll hear "Hussein" daily from the RNC.

Another Ford gets indicted?!?! That's quite remarkable. The Ford family collects indictments like most families collect tax deductions around this time of the year.

The Conservatore has some advice for elected Republicans about working with the Democrats.

Don't mention "getting along" to the gang over at Six Meat Bufffet. They have an interesting story about a Texan who was told by a Muslim organization that he needed to sell the family farm. The Texan's answer? Oink, oink.

John Norris Brown has the story of the campaign to end - yes, folks - bathroom segregation at Appalachian State University. I had no idea that I had been a victim of segregation all of my life. I'm off to see my therapist to undo all of the emotional trauma I must be experiencing.

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