Thursday, December 28, 2006


The ABA - No Friend of Mine

Yes, I am a member of the American Bar Association, but only because I automatically became one due to my last state bar passage. However, I will not be renewing my membership anytime soon. If the ABA has any question as to why, check out these article headlines from a recent mailer the organization sent me:

"Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples"
"Representing Same-Sex Adoption Clients"
"Tax Issues Affecting Same-Sex Couples"
"Domestic Partnership Agreements"
"Being Edith Bunker" (regarding how tragically unhip it is not to embrace the homosexual lifestyle)

The ABA is already on record as being against the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Apparently, they want to take sides in other matters, as well. Not surprisingly, they are coming down on the side of all things liberal. Imagine that...


They have a different interpretation of the Second Amendment, perhaps, but they aren't "opposed" to it. Perhaps you should read what they actually say.

As for the rest, heaven forfend attorneys help people out with legal stuff.

Your world will be a lonely place, indeed, if you only associate with those who agree with everything you agree with.
I think you might want to rethink this one. We're talking about people seeking legal counsel (your job) for civil matters.
Whatever your clients do sexually, as long as they are consenting adults, is not your business and should never exclude them from equal protection under the law.
Seems to me that is much more of a violation of the constitution than anything the ABA wants to do.
So I take it you never do criminal law? You could never defend a murderer, a thief, adulterer, someone who worships false idols, etc. to follow your train of thought.
It's a serious slippery slope.
It's one thing to have your own belief system, but to deny a person(s) legal counsel based on sexual preference. It's a violation of know that.
Again, I hope you rethink your position on this issue.
Oh, My heavens protect us for equal access to the law!

As an legal advocate, you have no concept of the fundamentals.
Sorry, but he's right. Its really not a matter of what the politics are - the ABA would be just as wrong if it were offering courses on "how to eliminate same-sex adoptions." The ABA should be a lobbying a support organization for lawyers. Unfortunately several years ago it morphed into a very politicized organization.

That's fine I suppose - it it a private institution and can do what it wants. But what it forgets is that not everyone with a law degree agrees with the positions the ABA takes - like a virulently pro-choice stance, pro-same sex marriage, etc. I remember when the Anita Hill controversy was raging over Clarence Thomas' conformation the ABA decided to give Anita Hill an award, even though most of the evidence suggested she was probably lying. That one was the last straw for me, and I haven't been a member since.

A good rundown of what the ABA has become can be found here.

If the ABA wants to be a left-wing political organization, it sure has the right. But folks ought to realize that that is exactly what it has become. When it takes that stance it loses a lot of the credibility it would otherwise have as an organization that represents lawyers. The truth is that it only represents some.
Is your ability to practice suffering because the ABA dosn't offer enough CLE courses in interpreting the Second Amendment?
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