Friday, November 17, 2006


What to do with Mike Williams?

Columnist Greg Johnson has a great round-up of all of the goings on with Senator Mike Williams.

In reading the piece, one can see that Williams does not care what his constituents want (by his own admission), will sell out party and his fellow legislators in a power grab, and may be maneuvering for a position in the Bredesen Administration after he commits political suicide.

I am eager for Williams' district to be in steady hands in 2008 - like those of Mike Faulk.

MORE: I'm surprised that there isn't more talk about Williams voting for Don McLeary for Lt. Governor. It seems that he could justify that vote - casting a ballot for a former Republican senator who has thrown his name into the mix - more than voting for Wilder. I know that many will hold it against Williams if he doesn't vote for Ramsey, but I personally don't see nearly the problem with voting for another Republican if one doesn't like the options presented.

That being said, I still would rather see Mike Faulk in the Senate in 2008.

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