Friday, November 03, 2006


Welcome, Tiger fans!

First, thanks to The Daily Report for linking to VOLuntarilyConservative. Their link has led to a deluge of LSU Tigers on the site, which has led to many fun comments. Some were rejected (sorry, gotta abide by the Comments policy), some were obscene, and others were just red-blooded SEC fans getting fired up. No problems, really.

Some thought that I went too far by posting about that nasty corndog rumor the Auburn fans started. It's probably a good thing that they weren't around Volquest's premium board after last year's game, especially if they were mad at me for just posting the story. A few people had a bit too much fun with Photoshop that week.

In any case, I offer a truce. Since LSU and Ole Miss are a rivalry that goes way back (and if you don't recognize that, Tiger fan, then you might be a bit too young to remember those days), I thought that we could all enjoy a laugh at "Wild Boy" Orgeron's expense. (Hat tip: Michael Silence.)


(If casual fans don't understand some of the finer points of this song, then I will post them here later. Just let me know.)

Of course, I guess I shouldn't make fun of the Rebels. If their AD wasn't stupid enough to fire Coach Cutcliffe, then UT might be struggling through a season like the one we experienced in 2005. And with Butch Davis being hired today at North Carolina, the chances keep getting better that Coach Cut just might be in Knoxville again next year.

Rob note this article posted on

Coach Cut is a great OC, but I think he needs to leave head coaching to others.
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