Tuesday, November 07, 2006



(Mobile posting is not easy...)

The rain stayed away for the most part here in Knoxville - until about 15 minutes ago. At about 12:10 P.M., the rain started to fall here. Turnout at the many precincts I have been at has been steady and about average for a mid-term election. I'm still standing by my prediction that voting turnout is in-line with the averages when all things are said and done. More people in early voting only means more people voted early.

While I haven't seen any evidence of voter fraud here (although there have been a few problems), I have heard several reports of false exit polls being released around the country. This is particularly funny in House races (as some of them are purported to be such), since no national firm does House exit polling.

You almost have to live by the DTA theory until the offical results are announced - Don't Trust Anybody.

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