Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Update, Part II

I just came from the Farragut precincts (there are two, 66N and 66S, in the same building). After spending time in precincts throughout Knox County, I kept hearing that Farragut was having heavy turnout (whereas most of the county had average to above average turnout).

Having seen it for myself, I can confirm that Farragut is having very heavy turnout.

Bob Corker performed quite well in Farragut during the August primaries despite a concerted effort by the Bryant campaign to win the area:

66N - 50.1% for Corker
66S - 49.2% for Corker

Farragut has long been thought of as showing strong support for Corker. To add to that, I have long been told that Farragut is about 3:1 Republican. The scenes there - voting lines into the hundreds that wrapped around themselves like the line for Space Mountain at DisneyWorld - should be a good sign for the Republican nominee.

Thank God Van Hilleary didn't get the Republican nomination. Can you imagine Van every being able to work with opposing majority members? I didn't want Corker at first but now I think he's the perfect guy for the job since he will have the talents to get things done despite the Democrats.

The Van problem is the same as in the First District with David "Do Nothing" Davis. Dr. Phil Roe, an articulate, intelligent, caring veteran, has years of experience working with people of all kinds and he could've been a successful Congressman for Northeast Tennessee despite Democratic control. I heard the Davis called around saying lies like Roe committed abortions. I was for Dr. Roe for many reasons but one of the biggest was that he talked my sister OUT of having an abortion and now my nephews rock my world. He would have made TN proud, Davis is an embarrassment.

Even if Roe hadn't run, I could have easily supported Venable, Cheek or Roberts for the same reasons. They were all smart and genuine. When mayor Cheek said he could have been an aborted baby but he lived and made a difference in his life, it moved my whole family. Dr. Roe always talked nice about him; although he knew Cheek was eating in his base and probably should have pulled out.

Either of these guys, all class acts, could have done something for us with a Democratic congress. All Mr. God Himself Davis will be able to do is surround himself with mirrors and tell himself how great he is.

One last thing, Davis only won by 500 votes yet he gets a whopping 70% of the vote Tuesday. Do all Republicans act like sheep and vote for whoever gets their nomination? Why didn't Venable run as an independent like Leiberman? He'd have kicked Davis's butt in the general election.
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