Thursday, November 09, 2006


Tough Time for a Giving Weekend

Despite popular rumors, I have not died. I could not post Wednesday due to the kind of day that follows several days spent focusing on getting a candidate elected, one of those days that extends from before sunrise until after midnight.

I now am leaving for the mid-Atlantic. No, I'm not headed for D.C. (although I will pass through there), but instead am traveling to see my grandparents with my father and sister. This is no ordinary visit, though. We are using the three-day weekend (God Bless you, Veterans, a day early) to help my grandparents move from their house in Churchville, Maryland, which is just north of Baltimore. As my grandparents have lived in that house for decades (longer than my life, actually), we are helping them with a yard sale Saturday and moving several items back down South.

My grandfather's advanced Alzheimer's has necessitated the move. Once a true patriot having served in World War II and given much of his life for our country, he now requires care that our family cannot give on our own. Needless to say, this will not be the easiest weekend for any of us. It is fitting that we are serving him on Veteran's Day, though, as well as his birthday (November 12th).

I will post more when I return, but it is unlikely that I can do so during this weekend. Have a pleasant one, and let's hope the Vols are victorious.

Bless his soul. My father, a WWII vet, was buried on Veterans' Day years ago.
Rob --

I know that this will be tough for your entire family but if you are moving them closer to you all then it will be much easier to handle. I hope you have a good weekend with family and get a little bit of rest too!

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