Thursday, November 16, 2006


Thomas Named to Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals

Word came to me this morning in 4th Circuit court that D. Kelly Thomas, Circuit Judge of the Fifth Judicial District, has been appointed to the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals by Governor Bredesen. The rumor has been strong lately that Judge Thomas was being considered, and Governor Bredesen made an excellent choice. I predominantly work in Blount County and have been in front of Judge Thomas on many occasions. He is an excellent jurist, knowing when to be compassionate and when to be intimidating.

Bredesen's judicial appointments have mostly been quite good. Thomas and Wade are top-notch. There is one glaring exception (which would be baffling if it wasn't explained away by partisan politics), but generally one can't complain about his work in the judicial arena. Of course, that is pretty much the feeling that Republicans have about Bredesen in his re-election bid - "can't complain."

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