Thursday, November 16, 2006


Tennessee GOP Politics

People often ask why I don't devote more time and effort into the State Republican Party. This is a great example of why.

The thought of Bill Dunn losing his Minority Leader position to Jason Mumpower makes me ill. Dunn reflects the kind of leadership we need in the GOP. Many people within the Party respect both Dunn and Mumpower, but why Mumpower is making this power grab is beyond me.

As for the other part of Terry's story, the idea of my friend Frank Nicely in the leadership is outstanding. No two Tennessee Reps. get under the skin of Jimmy Naifeh than Stacey Campfield and Frank Nicely. The more he sees of them, the better.

Hello Rob:

First, let me say that I don't have a dog in this fight. My observations are strictly as an outsider and I have no opinion on the benefits/burdens on the Dunn/Mumpower battle.

I consider Jason Mumpower a friend and I feel he has been good for his district. That said, I'm certain one of his reasons for challenging Rep. Dunn is connected with his salaried position with David Davis' campaign. Here is the link:

David-esque candidates took it on the chin this season except for Matthew Hill. Thus the Congressman may be trying to extend his reach in the TN House. That's smart on David's part. Dunn supported Davis in the Primary (I don't forget); however, Davis does not have Dunn's ear in the same way he has Jason's.

When it's our turn, we'll be trying the same thing. So, in sum, I believe it's appropriate to use the famous quote "It's not personal, Sonny, it's strictly business."

I'm with Bill, tomorrow, and to the Speaker's Chair...GET 'R' Dunn!
I'm certain one of his reasons for challenging Rep. Dunn is connected with his salaried position with David Davis' campaign.

What does that have to do with anything? Mumpower had a salaried position with Van Hilleary during the Senate primary.

Mumpower has every right to run for minority leader if he wants to, but I see no reason to replace Dunn. From my vantage point, he's performed admirably as the Republican leader.

On a sidenote, is Committeeman Hilleary going for some kind of inner-party power grab? Mumpower is running for minority leader and Eric Swafford, who also actively campaigned for Van in the Senate primary, is running for party chairman. While I suspect both will likely lose, it's an interesting coincidence (if it's a coincidence).
This is not a good time for this sort of maneuvering. I don't see any good reason to replace Bill Dunn. I wish the Republicans would stop shooting themselves in the feet. Uniting behind Dunn and Ramsey is the smart thing to do right now.
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