Thursday, November 02, 2006


Tennessean: Military Comprised of bunch of intellectual "have-nots"

In defending Senator John Kerry, it appears to this reader that Nashville's own Tennessean may have gone further than the junior senator from Massachusetts in insulting the American heroes who serve in our military.

You have to love it when people with one of the easiest college degrees to obtain look down their noses at our brave soldiers, many of whom use programs such as the G.I. Bill to attend college after completing some of their military service.

What hypocrites. The freedom that allows for their occupation to exist remains only because of the people they feel the need to belittle.

As the product of a military upbringing and the son of a Naval officer and grandson of an Army officer, I demand an apology for everyone who has served this country's military from the "journalists" at the Tennessean who have put politics before patriotism, political loyalty over national loyalty.

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