Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The Savage Nation

Since the VOLConWife teaches Tuesday nights at Walters State Community College, I have developed the habit of hitting the salad bar at Sonny's BBQ on Tuesday nights. (Half price on Tuesdays - an excellent deal for those of you near Cedar Bluff.)

As I was driving back from Cedar Bluff (with a stop at some of the stores at Turkey Creek), I tuned in to hear Michael Savage ripping into President Bush. The topic tonight was Bush's visit to Vietnam, upon which Bush apparently wants to provide more of an economic advantage to the Vietnamese despite the trade deficit with the country that borders on the obscene.

When you look at the numbers, Savage is right. Savage went on to say that Bush has been in the wrong about more than half of his decisions in office. I don't know about that, but it sure seems that way at times.

So, Republicans, I put this to question to you: where does President Bush rank in your current historical perspective in comparison to other Presidents? We're at the point where it is relevant to ask what Bush's legacy will be. In particular, which other Republican Presidents would you rank behind President Bush?

Leave answers in the comments section. I'm truly interested in your responses.

I really think that Pres. Bush will go down in history as one of the worst presidents the nation has ever had. I would rate him behind Grant.

Anyone listening to Michael Savage deserves to have their voting privileges taken away.
I agree with Savage as well. The reason that half of the President's decision seem wrong is becuase Bush is a quasi-conservative (as demonstrated by his track record, not sure if he's just placating the Dems or what...contributed to our losses, but I digress). I believe the longer the President stays in office, the more the gulf increases between him and Reagan, who is the standard by which all other conservatives will be measured (at least in the near term). His legacy will depend on the next critical 2 years as he navigates working with Democrats, Iran and progress in Iraq. Iran is the premier issue in the next 2 years, but will he be hamstrung/gunshy by Congress. Leaving office with a nuclear Iran that has designs to destroy Israel will be long remembered as his legacy, moreso that Iraq will be. Of course, when we leave Iraq...what will Iran do to fill in the power vacuum caused by our absence? So, I guess it's still too early to judge his legacy, but suffice to say, a large part will be decided with the incoming Congress and the degree of his lame-duckness.
Bush will be judged by history to have been a great leader because of his “War On Terrorism” as in time people will come to see that the “Radical Islamic” threat is every bit as real as he now understands it to be.

That is something that only the passing of time will reveal. People will forget about the cost of the war when they recognize that there was no other solution. What is transpiring today is only the tip of the iceberg.

Snake Oil Sam

Republican Presidents in order from best to worst:

1. Ronald Reagan
2. Teddy Roosevelt
3. Dwight Eisenhower
4. Calvin Coolidge
5. George H.W. Bush
6. William Howard Taft
7. Chester A. Arthur
8. Gerald Ford
9. Rutherford B. Hayes
10. James A. Garfield
11. Herbert Hoover
12. Benjamin Harrison
13. William McKinley
14. Warren G. Harding
15. George W. Bush
16. Richard M. Nixon
17. Ulysses S. Grant
18. Abraham Lincoln
I have believed that George W. is a mixed-bag. But, I'm becoming more convinced that he is a mixed-up bag.

I appreciate his pro-life consistency, but it appears that that issue is his only consistency.
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