Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Reporting Voter Fraud


If you spot voter fraud anywhere in the State of Tennessee, please report it immediately. We have election attorneys in nearly every county in the state that can be called into action on a moment's notice - but they have to know about the incident. You can call toll-free at:

1-866-913-VOTE (8683)

Thanks for being our eyes and ears at the polls. Many of us will be floating from precinct to precinct (while others will stay at one precinct or another all day), but there is a good chance that any efforts at fraud will be done when we are not present.

Tort reform doesn't apply to this kind of litigation?

Whatever happened to the idea of reporting voter fraud to independent, nonpartisan watchdog organizations?
Attention all Democrats. If you see any voter fraud, call the same number above. :)
S-town -

The independent organizations are in no way able to deal with the problem. The GOP attorneys, on the other hand, are ready to file suit in any county to remedy any possible problems.

Kathy -

Yeah, right. I know it's supposed to be a joke, but I don't find too much funny about voter fraud.


The problem with party lawyers, Rob, is that they are beholden only to those who pay them. That means someone else besides the general public wins when they go to court. Nonpartisan, independent counsel should be filing these cases, because there is more at stake than parties keeping control of the govenrment.
S-town -

Pay? What pay?

I've served as an attorney for the Republican Party for two election cycles and have not received a dime.

And if your party had attorneys at the polls instead of on conference calls trying to needlessly extend voting hours so that the homeless and incompetents can be rounded up to vote, then the balance would be there.


S-town --

As Rob previously stated....there is no pay for being an election attorney today. My husband is one of East TN and he's doing it completely free.

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