Friday, November 03, 2006


More Voting Fraud

As I posted this morning, Harold Ford, Sr. has apparently been involved in voting fraud already this election season. The Mountain 'publican says that Harold, Sr. has intimate knowledge regarding voter fraud. Now more is coming out about what else is rotten in Memphis.

I was told Wednesday that as many as 11 of the voting "smartcards" were missing out of Shelby County, raising the possibility of one person (or one campaign) using the cards multiple times. Apparently, more has occurred down in Memphis, as Drudge is reporting that 12 of the smartcards have gone missing.

John Harvey has been tracking voters who love to vote so much that they are doing it twice during early voting. (Hat tip: Volunteer Voters.)

John Farmer has some first hand accounts of attempted voter fraud in Memphis.

Guys and gals, I know that this is scary. To think that certain people have the audacity to try to hijack the election process in such a brazen manner borders on treason in this American's eyes.

Just know that there are many Republican lawyers (not an oxymoron, despite the way it seems some times) that will be doing their best to keep an eye on things. We'll stop what we can, but we've never been up against such an organized threat before. There is some similarity with law enforcement, which is doing well to just keep up with organized, educated criminals. They're acting; we're reacting.

It's going to be a long couple of days...

MORE: From Blogging for Corker:

"Just remember to get out and vote, because if it’s not close, the Ford political machine can’t cheat!"

Well, they can cheat, but it won't matter. I think that's what Jay meant to say.

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